Enliven Working for You

Supercharge your training.

Enliven provides essential support to your learning content, moving it online and turning it into accelerated, transformative learning objects that can be accessed by your staff at anytime, from anywhere.

Interactive Content

Videos, games, & quizzes.

Interactive tasks engage participants and draw them into learning by stimulating the brain. Your people will enjoy and engage deeply in learning.

Progressive Learning

Break it down.

Learning is broken down into bite-sized chunks. True learning isn't just about knowledge, it's about understanding and adapting behaviours.

Reflective Tasks

Retain & check understanding.

People learn more by doing, our approach emphasises getting involved in tasks, which cements understanding and develops skills.

Learner's e-Portfolio

Review, revisit & replay tasks.

Repeat and develop learning beyond the classroom. Create lasting impact from investment in employees as they experience training over & over again.


Share your thoughts and ideas.

Learners can discuss their learning and where to improve, ask for help, or comment on progress. Learning is then continuous and relevant to their work.

Documents & Reports

Consolidation of stored tasks.

Completed tasks that are compiled into reports or aide-memoires can be used in learners work, directly benefiting every-day performance.

Automated Scoring

Instant feedback on progress.

Participants have a record of their work and can use the formative feedback to help them improve their depth of understanding and skills.

Event Management

Overview of all learners.

Invite and manage learners. Administer all training, outcomes, and effectiveness of completed tasks; before, during and after the event.

Cost Effective

Create once, deliver forever.

Many costs are dramtically reduced by effective e-learning, such as the costs of travel, time away from work, hosting, conferencing, and delivery.