Enliven your training

What is Enliven?

Enliven delivers your courses in a modern blend of face-to-face training, online learning opportunities, assessment, and reporting.

Introducing Enliven Enterprise Academy

The Enliven Enterprise Academy is an e-learning solution that supports enterprises of all sizes in the delivery of genuine, truly interactive learning. We help ensure that learning is effective & engaging, and produces the outcomes you want from and for your employees.

Enliven can host and deliver bespoke programmes, offer open programmes and re-present your enterprise’s existing course materials. Whatever learning you need to be delivered the Enliven Enterprise Academy is built on the following learning principles:

Accelerated Learning

Accelerated learning incorporates a systematic approach that uses your employees’ innate capabilities, and is known to stimulate the brain. Accelerated Learning enables all of us to learn fuller, and faster, to retain more and apply more, more easily.

Accelerated learning restores joy and places discovery and creative play at the heart of the learning task.

Blended Learning

Blending a variety of rich interactive experiences will increase the impact of your training programmes and we can help you successfully blend the experience of live training events together with the huge power of interactive elearning. Blending the power of elearning with good traditional face to face delivery will inevitably help your employees learn more, learn it faster and apply it, therefore retaining more.

If you are reviewing how to maintain training levels, yet contain costs, then you can reduce the amount of face to face training by supplementing your live event programmes with access online. Used correctly your enterprise will benefit from reduced delivery costs, reduced training time requirement, increased effectiveness and greater levels of retention of engaged staff.

Transformational Learning

Learning and development is all about influencing changes in behaviour so that your enterprise and the employees within it receive greater benefit from their enterprising efforts.

Learning is not about the task of learning, nor the simple transfer of knowledge. Engaging individuals and helping then positively change behaviour so that they feel happier, more rewarded, more successful and more motivated will ensure continual improvement of your employees and your business.

We are experts in helping you start powerful conversations that make powerful enterprises, teams and employees.

Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Placing learning online provides your enterprise and all the employees within it with greater flexibility to better prepare, learn, consolidate and reflect more effectively than ever before.

Your learning and development team can prepare and publish once, updating courses efficiently and effectively.

Your employees can then access learning materials anytime, anywhere and on any device whether they are augmenting their learning, or having first access.