Products & Pricing

pricing to match your needs

Enliven is a hosted learning platform and learning content conversion and learning design service with sympathetic flexible pricing to fit your constraints.


The technical functionality includes:

  • Hosting of interactive learning content and activities ordered into Courses, Units and Learning Chunks.
  • User creation and invitation to login system.
  • Event Manager administration control to invite users and create and monitor participant classes.
  • Regional and Global Manager access to monitor participant progress.
  • Comments system allows comments and communication between managers and participants and review of completed work held on the system.
  • Portfolio area for each participant to upload, store and review all course work.

The Enliven team can build and integrate your own course materials as well as design and create new courses.

Guide to costs

Here's a quick way to get a feeling for what Enliven will cost. It's not hard and fast as we will always discuss pricing with you once we have opened up a conversation.

Hosting costs

Discounts to hosting are offered if you need more users or wish to pay for more than one year in advance.

for 1 years unlimited use for 200 users

Content costs

Content conversion and integration is priced by learner hours. A learner hour is the amount of content that that takes an average learner and hour to work through.

Learner Hours
for 1 learner hours of content conversion

Optional Extras

Video and audio production

Where video presentation and audio narration is required the production is charged at £1500 per day. We can agree a fixed fee based on a consultation of your requirements.

Bespoke learning design

We can work with you to design and develop new programmes of study, designed to your specification of desired learning outcomes. This is charged at £900 per day, again we can agree a fixed fee.